Aggregated Node Utilization and other metrics showing "No data available"


I am trying out Manage IQ and added openshift cluster as cloud provider. I have setup hawkular metrics while adding the openshift cluster. In the overview section, i can see the openshift cluster with number of pods, images, projects etc but in the Aggregated Node Utilization, Network Utilization Trend, New Image trend etc it shows “No data available”. Please can you help me understand why this is happening or it needs specific configuration ?

@pradeep Excuse me,I have had the same problem with you.Could you tell me how to solve this problem?I would be very grateful!

I found a solution to solve this problem,you can try the following steps:

  • Click the “Settings” in the upper right.
  • In “Server Control” section,you need to change some server roles status.

Now,you can see data report about “Aggregated Node Utilization, Network Utilization Trend, New Image trend” etc.

Hi, Apologize for delay in response. Yes, that was the fix for me as well.