All eligible_* methods returning nil arrays


In the catalog item editing, we chose the placement option as automatic. But when we are using the placement method provided by ManageIQ, vmware_bet_fit_least_utilized the host not eligible was being shown. When we checked if we need to set a cluster or any field to make hosts eligible, we found out all the eligible_methods_* are returning an empty array. We have seen in previous discussions that UI of the placement section uses the same methods for displaying the clusters etc., when we checked the same, all the clusters and etc., were being shown in the UI. Is there anything to be set so the automate methods are also able to get them. We did set the provisioning scope as all for the template, hosts as well as the clusters.


I found the error. It’s because of the setting of vlans. The vlans were set in the catalog item itself and it was making all the methods ineligible. prov.set_option(:vlan, [nil, nil]), this is used to set the vlan as nil as opposed to prov.set_vlan(nil) as it is setting vlan as an empty string rather than nil