'Allocated CPU Count' chargeback tiers must start at zero error

Good day all
i have been trying to set out compute chargeback but i keep getting this error

’Allocated CPU Count’ chargeback tiers must start at zero and not contain any gaps between start and prior end value.

what am i doing wrong?

It might not like the fact that your ranges overlap, for example 4 CPUs might be charged at 0.060 or 0.119. Try:

0 -> 1
2 -> 3
4 -> 5


still the same error message.

Hi, it seems you need a final tier that goes up to infinity.

It also seems that you can have overlapping rates as you had originally - my bad.

hope this helps,

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many thanks for your input, issue now resolved also corrected the pricing.

Just a tip - check that you have scaled your C&U Data Collection workers for your environment as chargeback relies on accurate metrics. What provider(s) are you working with, and how many VMs/instances are you managing?


We are currently in testing stages c&u core:2 and memory:1gb, using SCVMM 2016, when we do go live we will have 200+vms, aim is to split roles with two appliances.

Ok, keep in mind the limitations of the SCVMM provider though, i.e. C&U data from SCVMM?

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Thanks for the heads up, will keep an eye on this hopefully it marry’s up with our manual calculations.