Amazon credentials failing

I have deployed the 20150216 nightly build and I am trying to add an Amazon cloud provider but I get bad credentials. I have double checked the access and secret access keys and they are correct as I am able to successfully add an Amazon provider to my prior version, 20140926, of manageiq i am using. Any thoughts?

I’m experiencing the same, AWS Session and Security Key are correct (validated by using S3 directly using Python client).

Anyone have suggestions for debugging this further?


@dajohnso Can you or someone on your team verify this?

Oh @jrafanie and/or @himdel …could this be part of the changes made by you guys for verifying credentials?

I did some more troubleshooting and it appears the problem is when my instance is behind a proxy. when behind a proxy the credentials fail but without a proxy the same credentials validate just fine.

When you say “my instance”, do you mean your instance of ManageIQ? If so, we have proxy support for Amazon. I believe you go into Config -> Advanced Settings, and set the proxy information there (sorry about the vagueness of the location, but I don’t have it available in front of me at the moment).

yes i started 2 instances of the manageiq appliance. one behind a proxy and one without a proxy.

yes i have set the proxy information in the configuration and it is getting to amazon through the proxy but the credentials are failing to validate. when using the same credentials with the appliance that is not behind a proxy if validates correctly.

Oh very interesting…sounds like a possible bug to me. Can you open an issue on the ManageIQ bug tracker?

Issue #2175 has been opened.