Amazon credentisls ec2 error

Hi guys,

when I add amazon credentials I´m getting the folowing errors:

[----] E, [2016-01-05T11:47:03.268469 #16765:1111998] ERROR – : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Amazon::CloudManager#verify_credentials) Error Class=AWS::EC2::Errors::AuthFailure, Message=AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials
[----] W, [2016-01-05T11:47:03.268768 #16765:1111998] WARN – : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Amazon::CloudManager#authentication_check_no_validation) type: [“default”] for [] [teste] Validation failed: error, Login failed due to a bad username or password.
[----] W, [2016-01-05T11:47:03.269308 #16765:1111998] WARN – : MIQ(AuthUseridPassword#validation_failed) [ExtManagementSystem] [], previously valid on: , previous status: []
[----] I, [2016-01-05T11:47:03.276956 #16765:1111998] INFO – : MIQ(AuthUseridPassword#after_authentication_changed) [ExtManagementSystem] [], previously valid on: []
[----] E, [2016-01-05T11:47:03.280563 #16765:1111998] ERROR – : MIQ(ems_cloud_controller-create): Credential validation was not successful: Login failed due to a bad username or password.

But I can access from web browser normaly with the same access key.

as you can see, your access is denied, cause of wrong information.
In other to add AWS provider, you should enable “AWS Config service” and get access key id & secret key.
so follow below instruction.

particularly, here linked AWS page,

I hope that it can help you…

This can also happen when local time is wrong, so make sure it is set right.

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