Amazon security group


I am testing capablanca. Released version. (version capablanca-1.20151210193331_d9bbf5f)

I am not able to select Amazon security group. (Provision -> Provision Virtual Machines Form -> Environment Tab -> Security Groups dropdownbox)

Security Groups are visible in DropDownBox but if I select something it always goes to .

@gmccullough @blomquisg Would you please look into this?

Hey @Karel, it looks like part of your post got truncated.

Did you see an error when you selected a security group?

@dclarizio Can you confirm that this is fixed in PR #5644? If so this PR needs to be cherry-picked to the Capablanca branch.

@gmccullough Yes, that PR does correct this issue. Will look into the process of cherry picking to Capablanca.

I modified app/views/miq_request/_prov_field.html.haml in my instance regarding PR #5644 but it is still same. If I select some Amazon security group the dropdownbox is closed and selected value is none

@Karel, did you do a full restart and clear your browser cache? I do remember testing this fix and it addressed the issue for me. Thx, Dan

I have replaced entire app/views/miq_request/_prov_field.html.haml file and now it works.
Thanks for help,

Excellent news @Karel!

Thanks for reaching out.