Announcing Najdorf branch

Hello All Developers,

The Najdorf branch has been created from master for all repos!

From this point on, EVERYTHING destined for Najdorf MUST be labeled with najdorf/yes? and will follow the backport process described here.

najdorf/yes? – request to be considered for backporting during triage meeting.

najdorf/yes – approved for backport by triage team to be included in next build of Najdorf

najdorf/no OR no najdorf label – upstream master-only targeting Oparin release

If a cherry-pick has conflicts, I will post the results in the PR and add the label najdorf/conflict , meaning the original developer needs to create a PR targeting the najdorf branch with the conflict resolved. The following rules apply for backporting a PR:

  • title will be automatically prefixed with [NAJDORF] by the bot
  • have a link to the PR on master
  • assigned to @Fryguy
  • have same labels as PR on master

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact @chessbyte, or @Fryguy.