Announcing the manageiq-cross_repo testing tool

Hi everyone,

Recently, I put together a cross repository testing tool, and with the help of @agrare, it is done!. Check it out at (the underlying code of the tool is available at

If you are making changes to code that you think might affect other repos, the manageiq-cross_repo tool is exactly what you need. To use it, make a PR to changing the .travis.yml file and modifying the ENV vars at the bottom. Examples of usage are in the repo’s README as well as in the README of the manageiq-cross_repo gem.

The tool is very flexible and can test forks/branches/PRs crossed with other forks/branches/PRs and even cross those with changes that you might have in unreleased gems. A great use case for this is if you have multiple PRs spanning repos you can test them in conjunction. It can also test multiple repositories simultaneously by leveraging Travis’ matrix.

In the future we plan to make this tool even more accessible via a bot command on a PR, so a reviewer/author can just ask the bot to run the tests for other repos directly, and it will take care of creating the PR to manageiq-cross_repo-tests.

If you’re looking for more examples, you can look at existing PRs to the repo. Here is a great example of testing multiple repositories where there are PRs spanning multiple repositories include manageiq core -