Ansible Tower: delete the provider but still exist in database

Hi everyone !

I’m trying some things with Ansible tower and ManageIQ.

I have an issue, i deleted my provider but once i want to add it again i got an error :

Endpoint.url has already been taken

But i see nothing with the appliance, so i goes in the DB and i find it in “providers”.
So i don’t know if i just delete the entrie and it’s good or if i need to do others steps

I’m going to do a snapshot and delete the entrie in DB


I’m in Jansa 3

I found a solution, i don’t know if is a good one but it’s works.

If this issue happen to you, you can go through the DB and delete the entries in “providers” and “endpoints”.

After that you can add again your provider, hope it’s help someone !

This is a weird one - @Gregoire can you open a bug report at

cc @agrare

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It sounds like the ext_management_systems record was deleted but not the providers record. I just tried this on master with an ansible tower provider and everything was cleaned up properly and am able to re-add the my tower provider with the same url so seems like a bug on jansa that has been fixed already.

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So no need to open a bug report ?

If you could still, since it might still need to be fixed in previous stable versions