Ansible Tower : Make an event Notification

Hi !

I wonder if it’s possible to create/enable an event when an ansible job it’s done, i find some things but without succes.

If someone can tell me if it’s possible to create/add a notification for ansible job like provisioning’s notification in uper right corner

You might be able to find a Tower event that corresponds to something like job_complete (grep 'missing' automation.log to find events that are detected but not handled by default). The problem might be that MIQ detects the job completed events for all jobs, even those initiated from the Tower server itself and not started by MIQ.

Posting a notification message is quite easy from automate (there’s a description here: Notifications - Mastering Automation Addendum for CloudForms 4.6 and ManageIQ Gaprindashvili), you just need to decide who you want to see it (the “audience” argument to $evm.create_notification).

Hope this helps,