Ansible Tower Workflow via Button


On the understanding that ManageIQ now provides support for Ansible Tower workflows, I’ve tried to create a button that launches an Ansible Tower workflow. However, my efforts have so far failed as when I click the button, the workflow is never executed in Tower. Instead, I just get the following error int he evm.log:

[----] E, [2019-02-28T15:28:06.495452 #18182:8def50] ERROR -- : Q-task_id([resource_action_1000000017946]) MIQ(MiqAeEngine.deliver) Error delivering {"job_template_name"=>"Workflow - Add NIC", "request"=>"Ansible_Tower_Job", "dialog_param_vm_network"=>"network-001", "dialog_param_vm_nic_start"=>"t", "dialog_param_vm_os"=>"l"} for object [VmOrTemplate.1000000027317] with state [] to Automate:

This works with a normal Ansible Tower Job Template? The attribute / value pair I have set is:

job_template_name: Workflow - Add NIC

Is that attribute correct to launch a Workflow? Or is there a different one that needs to be used in order to specify a Workflow Job Template?

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This was a known limitation of Hammer-1, and should be fixed with this PR:

hope this helps