Any way to automate creating groups?

Hi all,

Just wondering of there is any way to use automate to create groups? I’d like to build a button (provider button most likely) that would allow an administrator to enter some details in a dialog, and then have automate go and create a set of default groups, assign roles to them, create some tags (like prov_scope, etc) and basically set up a skeletal tenancy structure.

I can find some methods for creating new tags, and even assigning them to certain resources, which are nice features I can leverage to automate some of this. But I can’t find anything related to creating new groups. Is this possible, or am I looking in the wrong docs … or … just missing stuff ?

( N.B.: We aren’t using the new multi-tenancy features in Capablanca, yet. It looks nice, but we need to be able to share a base service catalog between tenants, and that isn’t yet possible. )

Hi Stephen,

One option is to use the REST API. You should be able to setup the Skeletal tenancy structure that way. As of v2.1.0 we had CRUD on /api/tenants and /api/roles, documented here:

Around end of last year, we also added to top of tree master (v2.2.0-pre) CRUD on /api/groups and /api/users. The documentation hasn’t yet been updated for those but if you’re interested I can post some example POSTS here.

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Hi @Stephen_McKay,

This functionality is not exposed at the automate layer. You would need to work through the REST APIs that @abellotti references here.

Thanks @abellotti & @gmcullough.

I did see the REST API for groups come into the ManageIQ nightly builds, and it’s great. Fingers crossed it will get into the next release of CloudForms. I was just hoping there might be another way to do it that was already exposed to automate in the CloudForms current release.

Is there anywhere I could see what ManageIQ features are in the QA pipeline for CloudForms releases? There are a couple of other features like this we are particularly interested in also and it would be nice to have an idea of how far away things are from inclusion in the downstream product, even if it’s just a best guess. It would help us prioritise things like wether to wait for a feature or invest time in building a temporary workaround.

Hello @Stephen_McKay!

Is there anywhere I could see what ManageIQ features are in the QA pipeline for CloudForms releases?

The CloudForms product management team maintains a road map, which is available to all Red Hat people in the worldwide field organizations. Do you have access to your Red Hat account exec or solution architect? They can run you through it. In case you don’t have access please ping me on my Red Hat email address.

Apologies for not answering your question directly. It is not my intention to be evasive about this, and I really like to help you out. However we need to have a certain amount of hygiene between the community and the product. Also Red Hat road maps are typically confidential and so available only to our customers (I know you are a customer :slight_smile: )

Hi @geertj

Not evasive at all - I completely understand.

With regard to the ManageIQ dev pipeline, I was googling some kind of manageiq topics the other day and I came across a Trello board that looks exciting ( ) Is that a real indicator of whats on the menu, or is it something else…?

Stephen, yes, that is what’s on the menu (with the usual caveats on roadmaps).

There’s a bunch of other boards on as well. @jhardy can probably explain better how we are using these boards.

Hi @abellotti,

Sorry for re-opening an older thread, but can I please see some of the POST examples for CRUD on api/groups?

I’ve backported your PR here to my local Cloudforms install, greatly appreciate any examples to test it out :slight_smile:


No problem, documentation needs to be updated, but there is an example is this thread: Automate: Add to Group's "Assigned Filters"

Thanks very much @abellotti!