API Docs Reference Menu Bug

When looking at the docs for the API, some items in the Reference menu seems to be cut off at the bottom .

Steps to repeat:

Edit: I’m using Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 (64-bit)

This does not happen in Firefox (Version 45.6.0)

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It does happen in Firefox for me. In Chrome, for me, the error is not visible because the last list item isn’t cut off like it is in your screenshot, but the issue is in both browsers. If you look at the source code there are several list items that don’t show up on the page:

You can still navigate to these (useful) pages, but they don’t show up in the menu. Likewise, if you expand examples/services, several options are not shown in the UI but are in the list in the HTML code.

Nice catch.

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Thanks for reporting this. It’s something we’ve known about and I submitted a fix for it today :slight_smile:

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Is there a more formal way to report bugs on the documentation @hayesr ? Similar to the “report a bug” option in the downstream Red Hat documentation?

For website issues you can report them in manageiq.org repo on Github. Similarly there are repos for Developer Guides and User Reference if you see issues in the actual documentation content.


What @cybette said!

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