API Filtering Bug

Hello all,
It seem that when we want to filter by using : GET /api/:collection?filter[]=“name=‘myservice%’”
(Doc :https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq_docs/blob/master/api/overview/query.adoc)
It return a bad request, do you know this Issue and have a solution or workarround ? Maybe we don’t use it well, but the link for more info on Filtering is 404 ERror…

Thank you :slightly_smiling:

@abellotti Can you help out here?

the 404 for the doc is just that adoc expects the built doc, until we have that pushed, access via the filtering.html via the https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq_docs/blopb/master/api/overview/filtering.adoc path instead.

w.r.t. filtering, that may be the quoting that’s throwing it off as I usually use that from a CLI.

Try: http://localhost:3000/api/:collection?filter[]=name='myservice%' which worked for me using a browser, replacing :collection with what is being queried.

Ok, it worked :slightly_smiling:
Thanks a lot !