[API] How to query datastore ext_management_system information?

Hi All,

I am trying to query vmware datastores (and their tags) associated with specific vCenter.
I have tried following queries:

curl -k https://manageiq.local/api/data_stores?attributes=ext_management_systems.name
curl -k https://manageiq.local/api/data_stores?attributes=ext_management_system.name

Which returen an error:

“error” : {
“kind” : “bad_request”,
“klass” : “Api::BadRequestError”,
“message” : “Invalid attributes specified: ext_management_systems.name”

Same query for clusters works just fine:

curl -k https://manageiq.local/api/clusters/10000000000004?attributes=name,ext_management_system.name

I have tried to work around it by querying a provider:

curl -k https://manageiq.local/api/providers/10000000000002?attributes=name,storages

This works, but does not give storage tags and in order to get it i need to get a request per each individual storage. This is not optimal and takes much more time.

Is there better way?