Assertions and Conditional Processing

I wanted to start a new thread on the subject “Assertions and Conditional Processing” particularly around Service Items.

We you create a service item, you have some choices like the name, description, display in catalog.

I would like to see the addition of the “Conditions Editor” as found in filters, policies and reporting. The idea is that we should be able to construct a condition from any VMDB value, and have the service item only deliver when that condition is met.

We already have the notion of Assertions in the Automate field schema, and the assertions would be a great place for this to be place, e.g. create the assertion and the assertion is matched to the condition, as I think assertions are not currently capable of running all the variants conditions have.

The main use case is something like, a service bundle with multiple service items should be able to conditionally process the service items in or out of the resolution simply using the conditions place on each service item.

Any thoughts on this ?


@xav, any thoughts on this? I presume the conditional processing code is fairly modular as its used in many places, could we bolt this to assertions?