Assets problem solved by removing ./tmp/cache

I was not able to login to manageiq in my local environment. After a short chat with @himdel we found that the problem is due to some assets not being loaded.
Trying removing the assets, pre-compiling them, restarting the machine, trying different browsers, clearing memcached etc. did not work.
After a few hours of debugging sprockets and sprockets-rials with @cben we found that there is one file “charts-mixin.js” that is the last file sprockets loads.
Deleting the file made everything work again. Then we saw that renaming it works as well.
After that “grep -R charts-mixin.js .” showed there are versions of it (several) in ./tmp/cache/…

rm -rf ./tmp/cache fixed the issue.

so, if you have asset problems, consider trying removing this cache folder.


Thanks for sharing with the community @borod108! :smile: