Assigning catalog to user

Hi Team,

How to restrict service catalog to specific user or user group using tag.

@dclarizio can you review this question from @ambarish and forward to a SME if necessary.

@ambarish You can not currently restrict actual catalogs to specific users or groups based on tags. What you can do is tag the individual catalog items so that only certain groups (with matching tag visibility) can see those specific items. If there is a catalog that does not contain any items that a user can see, then that user will not see that catalog. In other words, a catalog that would be empty to a user will not be shown.

For example, say you had a bunch of catalog items you tagged as Developer, such as programming environments, code editors, etc. You then put those items into a catalog called Developer Tools. A user that is in Accounting and does not have visibility to the Developer tag would not even see the Developer Tools catalog. A user in Engineering that does have Developer tag visibility, will see the Developer Tools catalog with those items inside of it.

This is pretty flexible in that different users will see different catalogs as well as potentially different items in those catalogs, based on what the tags let them see.

I hope that helps.

. . . Dan