At what stage cloudforms set the vm Ips on vpshere and under what conditions?

Since we have changed the vcenter in cloudforms 4.1 the process of provisionning a VMs do not go to the end: the template is cloned, the vm is started, the NIcs adapters and VLANs are well set, but Ips (gotten from early integration stage - Infoblox) on each nic are not set: so under what condition vm’ IPs will be setup?

@blomquisg can you review this question from @gquentin and forward to another SME if necessary.

Have you installed the Vmware tools in the template ?
Have you created a customization spec in your vCenter and attached it to your Catalog Item in CF ?

Technically, CloudForms/ManageIQ relies on Vmware Tools to apply the customization spec during provisioning. The virtual machine is cloned, then the informations from the MIQ Provision object are passed by piggy backing a customization spec (XML data). The IP address is one of those information.

If you have imported your templates from your previous Vmware environment, then check that the customization spec is identical on both environments. And then update your Catalog Item, in Request Info tab.

Yes we have upgraded the vmware tools so that it is vsphere 5.5’s.
We have also made test with or without hardware upgrade (7->10)

On the web vsphere client , in the network settings of the vm deployed by cloudforms, 2 of the 3 networks interfaces are ‘flexible’ type and a warning says that Redhat 6.X do not support this hardware. The initial template has only one network interface and cloudforms add 2 more. But i don’t think it is the problem since it was still the case with vpshere 5.1.

Shouldn’t it be errors in logs if specs were wrong?

I have set vmware tools in debug mode on the template.

We can see that it is stuck into a “setting option broadcast IP to ‘1’” loop:

[debug] Setting option ‘broadcastIP’ to ‘1’.

every 30 seconds.

What could it means?