Auto approvals for vm request

i am trying to setup auto approval limit on cpus but not having any luck. all my vm requests are auto approved no matted the cpu count i select. i have tagged my user group with auto approve max cpu to 1 and quota to - max cpus to 5. the max cpu quota is working but the auto approval is not. is there another place this should be setup?

Check under the VM porvision approval state machine (provisionrequestapproval) select default -> Max_cpu’s.

setting the default under the vm provision approval state machine works but i would like to have different settings for the different user groups. is that not possible?



Old post, but replying just in case.

One option is to change the auto approval state machine for each group in a different profile for the group. You could either set the limits in that state machine if they are the same for different groups or you could create a new method based off of validate_request that is called from the custom state machine. That method could then instantiate a configuration instance for the particular group and default with a .missing method.

Let me know if this is something that you are still interested in and I can provide more detail.