Auto approve for some service catalog itens?

Hi All!

I’m starting to study manageIQ concepts and have a doubt. I’m trying to create some service catalogs to users only need to inform the instance name (ManageIQ is connected to an Openstack installation), but I want to some itens doesn’t need approval.
I configured DOMAIN/Service/Provisioning/StateMachines/ServiceProvisionRequestApproval/default service_approval from auto to manual, but I want, for example, that my catalog item "Create tiny VM’ (it’s a frontend for create a instance with flavor m1.tiny - 2vCPUs) be auto-approved.
I tried to configure auto-approve in Domain/Cloud/VM/Provisioning/StateMachines/ProvisionRequestApproval class (max_cpus, for example) but I believe that service thresholds takes the precedence.
How can I enable/disable manual/auto approve for some catalog itens?

ManageIQ has different Requests for different things. Because you run in the context of a “Service Catalog Item” you need to configure ServiceProvisionRequestApproval.

  • Cloud/VM/Provisioning/StateMachines/ProvisionRequestApproval is use when you use “Compute > Clouds > Instances > Lifecycle > Provision Instance”
  • Service/Provisioning/StateMachines/ServiceProvisionRequestApproval is going to be used for every “Service Catalog Item” (called service_template_provision_request in Automate speak)

If you did not come accross it yet, you should checkout the original Automation Book as well as the “Addon Book” that covers the new features up until CF 4.6/ManageIQ Gapdrindashvili.