Auto-placement error eligible resource


After I had restarted Darga appliance I was hit with error that host selected is not an eligible resource for the provisioning instance.

The hosts were included for selection by setting up provisioning scope. Before the error occurred I had changed the hosts resources from host_b,c,d to host_a and it had been working fine. Problem occurred only after appliance rebooted.

From evm.log, I noticed that

  1. Hosts b, c, d that were previously selected (in providing scope) were shown in log as “eligible hosts”:
    INFO --: Q-task_id ([miq_provisioning_1168]) <#ManageIQ::Providers::VMware::InfraManager::ProvisionViaPxe#eligible_resources) returning :<25:host_b, 26:hosts_c, 27:hosts_d>
  2. However, during provisioning task execution, host_a was some how being selected but later evaluated as not an eligible resource!
    ERROR – : Q-task_id ([miq_provisioning_1168]) The following error occurred during instance method for AR object <#ManageIQ::Providers::VMware::InfraManager::ProvisionViaPxe id: 1168, description: "Provision from […

ERROR – : Q-task_id ([miq_provisioning_1168]) MiqAeServiceModel.ar_method raused: : <Resource <36:host_a> is not an eligible resource for this provisioning instance.>

ERROR – : Q-task_id ([miq_provisioning_1168]) Method STDERR: (drive:// /var/www/miq/vmdb/app/models/mixins/miq_provision_mixin.rb:123:in ‘set_resource’: Resource <36:host_a> is not an eligible resource for this provisioning instance. (RuntimeError)

It seem to me that there is some data out of sync between hosts that were previously selected vs current set provision scope tag.

I had restarted the appliance again but problem persists. Is there any postgresql tabkes that I should look into to verify the problem and how to fix this? Thanks.


Hi @casius,…can you please open an issue here: with a description of this problem. We’ll work on the issue there.