Auto tagging VM upon creation


I have 134 groups in CF, we’re now trying to do LOB & cost center reporting on all the VMs. What I’d like to do is associate a LOB tag & a cost center tag with a group and whenever that group creates a resource it is automatically assigned the LOB & cost center tag. I was hoping to do this via smart management tags associated with the group but this doesn’t appear to work.

What’s the easiest way to achieve this? I would hope this is something pretty straight forward but it looks like its maybe more complicated than that?


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You’ll need to modify the VM provision state machine and add tagging to the PostProvison state. Some topics here in the forum:

Hope that helps.

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Ok so let me ask folks a differnet question.

Would it not be hugely perferable to admins to be able to assign tags to group/tenants/project so that when they create ANY resource its automatically tagged with those tags that are assoicated with that group/tenant etc?

Lets take an onbaording process for a new customer or project. They’re going to have static data assoicated with them: department, LOB, cost center etc.
Why do I have to alter the automate model so these new resources need to be tagged accordingly?

You want to enable admins to quickly and simply run reporting on these attributes, especially relevant when folks are doing internal chargeback. This current process seems overly complex and cumbersome

Possibly relevant: You can define “inherit tag” Policy actions:

This appears to only inherit from physical infrastructure. I’d like to get it from some group assignment of the tag

Did you managed to find solution to this problem