Automate Embedded Methods

We have added support for Embedded Methods in the G release of Automate. Embedded methods are Automate methods that can be embedded into other Automate Methods.

Sprint 71 Embedded Methods Explained:

Editing an Automate inline method allows you to add/remove embedded methods. You can opt to include the Domain for a fully qualified method, or let the Automate engine use the domain search based on domain priority.

  • Note - Only inline methods can be embedded

The inspectme method includes 2 embedded methods. The dump_root_objects method uses a class structure and the logging method does not.
Notice how the method calls differ:

log_info("Inspect is running") Automation::Util.dump_root

The Automate Engine combines all of the embedded methods.

Log messages show the embedded methods locations.
The logging method includes the Domain, so there is no search(Updated namespace log message)
The dump_root_objects method does not include the domain and shows the method was found in the Demo domain.

The error log message shows the actual line number