Automated Build Request fails, port group not found

Installed ManageIQ release fine-4. I’ve imported a vCenter provider (only 1 provider with 1 cluster) and trying to provision a VM via an API call to ManageIQ. The state machine fails at “AEMethod check_provisioned”. Here is the full error message:

[----] E, [2017-11-30T10:36:50.928717 #1899:713edc] ERROR – : Q-task_id([miq_provision_6000000000008]) CHECKPROV; exit_abort: [MiqException::MiqProvisionError]: Port group [dv_sb_HP-EHNET_705] is not available on target

I’ve reviewed the vCenter web console and dv_sb_HP-EHNET_705 is a Distributed Port Group that is assigned to every ESX Host in the cluster. I’m not making a specific request to use that particular network in my API call so I’m not sure why it’s trying to use that network. How/Why is ManageIQ trying to use “dv_sb_HP-EHNET_705”?

NOTE: We are using the exact same code to provision VM’s on the same provider/cluster using RedHat Cloudforms v4.1 and we are not experiencing this issue.