Automated process to add Openshift cluster as provider in manageIQ

Hi All,

I recently came across manageiq-ansible-module ( which provides me the capability to add/update/delete openshift providers on manageIQ.

I have one query in this process. In here we are specifying the provider api auth token which is the token of the Openshift service account which will allow manageIQ to query Openshift API.

Are we manually providing reading this token from the Openshift cluster and providing it as input to the playbook ? or is there a way we can retrieve this token in automated fashion so that once Openshift cluster is deployed using ansible we get the token and trigger this manageIQ module to add that cluster to manageIQ providers.

Please can you share your feedback on this.

@dkorn do you have anything to add here?

I also have the same problem which I am trying to solve. I.e. to automate the addition of OpenShift Cluster to the CloudForms.

Apart from this, I don’t see a REST API in CloudForms API docs to add container provider.

To automate the process I need either a REST API of CloudForm which I can target or need a playbook which can get SA token and replace the token key in the playbook which is used to add OpenShift Cluster as mentioned by @dkorn here.

@simon3z @abellotti

@pradeep currently the token is provided manually, anyway this seems more a question for openshift-ansible since that’s the automation that holds the relevant information.
I filed an issue here: