Automatic backup / export (and import)


I’m looking for way, how to programmatically do backup (export) of data and ideally by the same way do import (however it could be finished by “hand” too).

As far as I’m, I’m now on this state:

Automate model (done by bin/rake evm:automate:export|import DOMAIN=*, then remove static ones (ManageIQ))
Custom reports (still no luck how to)
Database backup (bin/rake evm:db:backup:local …)
Dialogs & buttons (still no luck how to)
General configuration files. (it should be just list - GUID, REGION, certs/v2_key, config/database.yml)

so… how to get those Custom reports and Dialogs & buttons by some non click-GUI way. Do some-one know?

edit: Just find bin/rake dialogs:export, so looks like reports are the only one left…
edit2: Unfortunately, on dialog export buttons are missing, so buttons and reports are still left to go.

I would suggest taking a look at and

@ramrexx @pemcg Any advice or examples you can recommend?

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The Red Hat consulting scripts here: will help you do pretty much all of what you need I think. I’ve known several companies use them as part of a Jenkins CI workflow.


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Wow, it looks like exactly what I looking for. Thank you!