Automation/customization/export: undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass [miq_ae_customization/export_service_dialogs]

On CF 4.2 , in automation/customization/import/export, when i select all dialog and click to export, i have this error on screen:

undefined method `name’ for nil:NilClass [miq_ae_customization/export_service_dialogs]

On logs , there is this error:
[----] E, [2017-06-09T14:30:55.287468 #15126:50eaec0] ERROR – : There was an exception - NoMethodError(undefined method fetch' for nil:NilClass) [----] E, [2017-06-09T14:30:55.287602 #15126:50eaec0] ERROR -- : /opt/rh/cfme-gemset/gems/actioncable-5.0.2/lib/action_cable/server/configuration.rb:25:inpubsub_adapter’

Export does not work.


@eclarizio Can you please take a look.

in fact one of the dialogs was doing that, i unselected it so i could export the others.

Does that dialog have a TagControl field in it? Is the category in that TagControl set? That’s the only thing I can think of that might be causing that issue.