Automation Datastore consolidated/merged view (idea)

I propose an alternative, consolidated/calculated view of Automation Datastore where domains are hidden and only highest priority objects (classes, instances, methods) are visible. This would allow to see what the automation engine will use without manually going through all namespaces and trying to find the object in question with the highest priority. This would produce a single view with a resultant, merged set of objects.

I post here some screenshots of how Operations Orchestration handles Content Packs with the two views. The first view is similar to current MIQ layout, with trees separated (think of them as MIQ domains now):


The second, merged view lists items under “Integrations” with a single parent. Something similar I’d like to see in MIQ:


Both views makes sense in OO and would be useful in MIQ, in my opinion.

That could be a great improvement to automate view. But we need a way to be able, in the consolidated view, to see from which domain the choosen method is and be able to view the others.

Sure, that could be a simple attribute (where this object is coming from). Different levels of override could also presented (if in place) pointing into the current domain view object location but I don’t want to be too greedy :slight_smile: