Automation error when extending retirements

Hi guys,

We nearly got our environment completetly running on ManageIQ, however we are failing in one part for now. I’ve got ManageIQ sending users 3 e-mails before retirement. Users can even extend their retirement throughout the ManageIQ console. Which is perfectly functioning, however when I understand that ManageIQ should be mailing the users when a retirement is extended, with their new dates.

I extracted this part from our logs;

This gets generated everytime I press the “Extend Retirement” button that I’ve created…
error_retirement_mail.txt (7.3 KB)

Everything else is working AND mailing fine, I do not understand this issue…

Any help, before the holidays start? :slight_smile:
Kind Regards,

The method is failing on the following log line in your method:

  $evm.log("info", "Inspecting retirement: <#{vm.retirement.inspect}>")>:42:in `<main>'

There is no retirement property exposed on the VM object. What values are you trying to log here?

There was a typo in the update_service_retirement_status method that was recently fixed. This caused multiple emails to be sent. This is what the line should be.

if step.downcase == ‘startretirement’