Automation troubles after upgrade

While my question applies to CloudForms, I think there is enough overlap to take advantage of this user community. My original CloudForms environment was 3.2 and I am starting from scratch building the latest version. I brought over much of my automation but I am having difficulties.

I’m suspecting that my problems may have something to do with the gems that are no longer part of the newest version. Does anyone know of a way to identify automate gems that are in use but no longer included in the latest version?

To determine the gems you are using, you could export your automate code and then look for any require statements in your domain(s). Something like the following command should make it a little easier.

find . -iname *.rb -exec grep -E '\s*require\s+' {} \; | sort | uniq

To get the list of gems installed on your appliance, you can SSH in and do gem list. You should do this instead of looking at the Gemfiles because the Automation code starts off in a clean environment so it not controlled by bundler.

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