AWS EC2 Instances and OS

We are testing the Anand release against AWS and have it pulling in our security groups, availability zones and instances. When we look at the instances in grid view the OS icon is accurate for all but Windows which shows as a question mark. If we click on any of the instances the Operating System lists as Unknown.

Is this a bug or current limitations with the AWS integration in MIQ Anand?

Grid View Image
RHEL Instance View

So, unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t tell us what OS is in an instance (at least last time I checked). However, they do have a basic value in an image (only windows or linux is all they give us). So, what we do instead for instances is derive that information from the image from which it was launched. However, if an instance was launched from a public image, and you are not collecting public images (the default), then we won’t have that information, and will just leave it as “unknown”. I’m guessing that’s what’s happening here.

We may be able to do something where even if general public image collection is disabled, we still collect the images for instances we can see. @blomquisg @chessbyte @gmccullough Thoughts? I think this might be cool because it would give us these derived details (like OS, virtualization_type, and root_device_type) as well as giving us the genealogy without having to fetch all 10s-of-thousands public images.

@Fryguy, that’s a good idea.

I put in an issue to allow users to specify an image set (either array of AMI names, or a match pattern) to restrict the image collection to only those images that the user really wants.

I think I like your idea better, though. It would put the onus back on the application to be smart enough to pick up the right images.

For reference:

We still might want that match pattern thing though anyway. For provisioning you may want a way to suck in certain public images. My suggestions would force a user to have to already have an instance before it becomes available for provisioning which is really backwards.