AWS instance smartstate analysis not happening on some instsances


I am looking to use MIQ to do Smart State analysis on all of our corporate AWS accounts. So I started testing with one of the accounts at the weekend. I thought all was going well, but looking at a report of the results today, it looks like it took 6 hours to scan 40 instances. Some were very quick, but then some seem to have taken much longer, but I don’t have start and finish times, so unsure. Also some are saying they were never analyzed and I have this set to run daily at the moment. I have looked in the logs, but so far, I can’t see why some are taking so long to analyze, and also why some are saying never analyzed… where should I be looking as I am not seeing anything in the evm log anyway - or do I need to turn something on or increase log levels?


Hi Bill,

Currently, Smart State only supports images and instances that are based on EBS volumes. If you have any instance-store images or instances, that’s probably why they’re not being analyzed.

Differences in scan times are probably due to the differences in volume size. We need to snapshot volumes before scan. Snapshotting larger volumes can take considerably more time than smaller ones.

Does that seem to match what you’re seeing?


Hi Rich, Thanks, I am aware of the snapshot used for scanning. So, I was running a report on them and some don’t have last analyzed times, but now looking at them in details view they all have analyzed times, not sure why this report is saying they don’t but that’s a different problem. They are all EBS based, that’s all our users, use I think. As far as length of time to scan, these all either 20GB of 30GB instances, not very big… 45 instances, first one has a time of 17:15 and the last is 21:19 do about 4 hours total to scan 45 VMs of 20 or 30 GB disk each. Does that sound right? I’m early stages here and I am gathering info for a possible use. I would like to use MIQ , but I need to make sure I get my facts straight. If that sounds about right for scanning speed, then it is what it is, but if it should be faster then I will dig some more. Appreciate you input on this.


4 hours to scan 45 VMs would be less than 6 min per VM average. That’s close to what I’d expect.

cool, thanks, I can live with that