AWS orchestration template - invisible resources

Hi guys, with provisioning through MiQ I heavily rely on orchestration templates. It all works just fine, I just wonder if it is only me who does not see any resources related to the provisioned services. The “VMs” section of any provisioned service just says “No Records Found”. This is only true for services provisioned through CloudFormation orchestration templates to AWS. Is this a “standard” behavior or is there any way how to make the EC2 instances related to the service visible?


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Just to note, the provisioned VMs are correctly paired with a stack. Only the “service” field of the instance is set to “None”. This seems to me like an issue in the automate model, am I right? Anybody has the same issue?

We got the same issue. Same goes on assigning the user and group ownership of the Instances provisioned by the orchestration.

Guys, is there any known solution for this? It’s actually quite important for real-world deployments.
Any thoughts? @gmccullough @chessbyte

I don’t see the resources either when I last tried this. @jhardy was this somewhere on our roadmap? has been created to show correctly the VMs. Showing other resources will be evaluated and implemented at a later time.

Thanks, @bill