AWS Provisioning - Getting access to all images provided by aws

I’ve added AWS cloud provider for Sydney region and able to get my instances listed in ManageIQ.

When I tried to provision a new instance, I was presented with an empty image list and couldn’t proceed further. Then I went on to create a custom AMI in my AWS account, did “Refresh relationships and Power status”. Now I’m able to see an image listed for provisioning in ManageIQ.

What I really want is to have access to all AMI’s available in Sydney region inside ManageIQ for provisioning as if I’m using AWS control panel.

Am I missing any configuration that pulls image inventory from AWS?

I think you are looking for the get_public_images configuration flag documented here:


Exactly - that is the setting I was looking for. Now I am able to see all the public images available for provisioning.

Thank you.

By the way if you need to get rid of them (last time I tried it added many thousands of templates to my appliance), run the following command from a rails console:

bin/rails r “TemplateAmazon.destroy_all”


@gmccullough @pemcg Thank you for helping me out.

I’ve got all the public images after enabling get_public_images. Now whenever I try to add a new Service Catalog Item for Amazon, its triggering an EmsRefresh in the background and UI keeps showing loading icon for a long time (> 30 mins).

  1. Is there a way to cancel an active ems_refresh action?
  2. Is it possible to setup the refresh of aws public images to happen just once per day?

I enabled EC2 public images but I still can’t see them.

EVM Server Main Configuration

get_private_images: true
get_shared_images: true
get_public_images: true

adding more info:

I use vmware virtual appliance, capablanca version.