AWX template not visible in Automate


I am making my very first attempt to integrate with AWX from Automate. When I visit Automation / Ansible Tower / Explorer and expand the “Templates” accordion, I do not see my template. The “last refresh date” is over a month ago. I assume this is the problem because I can see some templates created by the contractors who set up our MIQ appliance initially.

I saw this thread which is related to this question. Also this conversation appears to be related.

UPDATE: About 20 min after running the last provider refresh, the logs printed the following error:

[----] W, [2020-07-29T12:19:27.509197 #4197:9f860c] WARN -- : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::AnsibleTower::Provider#authentication_check_no_validation) type: ["default"] for [4] [awx] Validation failed: error, {"detail":"Authentication credentials were not provided. To establish a login session, visit /api/login/."} [----] W, [2020-07-29T12:19:27.509355 #4197:9f860c] WARN -- : MIQ(AuthUseridPassword#validation_failed) [Provider] [4], previously valid on: 2020-06-10 21:52:28 UTC, previ ous status: [Error]

I simply needed to update the stored password. The provider now updates and my templates are visible!