Azure account with multiple subscriptions

I am trying to get my Azure account setup with ManageIQ, however I have multiple subscriptions and at the moment it appears that ManageIQ only supports one subscription per Cloud Provider. It would be nice if I could have all my instances show up for all my subscriptions, not just one. As well, I am having some trouble setting up a client_id and tenant_id for that second subscription (and third, etc.).

Is this something that anybody else is running into?
Does this use case for Azure match anybody else’s?
Has anyone else ran into the issue about setting up the second subscription?

@gmccullough can you review this question from @carnott and forward to a SME if necessary.

@simaishi FYI: Interesting question about subscriptions.

Need @bronaghs or @djberg96 to help out here.

Right now the first enabled subscription that we find on the account is used. You can hard code a subscription ID as a workaround.

We’re going to discuss modifying the UI and the backend to allow an optional subscription ID when a user creates a new provider.