Azure inventory not fully working

I’ve successfully added 2 Azure provider for 2 subscriptions I own.
One subscription has only few resources and is successfully scanned and displayed in ManageIQ.
The other subscription is pretty big with lots of resources and most of them are not displayed in MIQ.
For example, I can see different resource groups and some NSG’s but I cannot see the VM’s.
Any idea’s?

Based on another one of your posts, I’m guessing it’s because they’re not in the same region. Is that the case?

Hi Daniel, thx for the reply.
You’ve got it right, only few hours ago i finally cracked it… it was really frustrating… didnt know that resources under the same subscription but different regions had to be configured this way…

any chance you know how it is working on CloudForms?

We are a fairly young MSP and looking for a cloud management portal that both we and our customers can use.

CloudForms is based on ManageIQ so it would be the same.