Azure: location/vmSizes could not be found

Hi there, first time poster here. I have just installed ManageIQ and I am trying to provision a VM in Azure. I managed to connect to my subscription but I see no relationships nor can I deploy an instance.

Under status > Last Refresh I see:

Error - 3 Minutes Ago
[InvalidResourceType] The resource type ‘locations/vmSizes’ could not be found in the namespace ‘Microsoft.Compute’ f…

Not sure where to begin…

When I go to Clouds > Instances > Lifecycle > Provision Instances I just get a blank page

Any ideas?

@djberg96 @bronaghs Can you help out here?

@allblack, there was an issue that was resolved in the latest azure-armrest gem. You will need to upgrade it to 0.1.0.

Also, support for Azure VM provisioning is not yet in place. A PR is open and ready for review so it should be available soon.