Azure Provider refresh issue


The Azure Cloud Provider refresh relationships and power states finishes with the error during last week:
undefined method `disk_size_gb’ for #<#Class:0x00000005725290:0x000000056ff310>

The account that I use for Azure Cloud Provider in CFME has access only to 2 resource groups.
I found if I remove account permissions to one from these groups then refresh start working properly again.

So it means some resource in the resource group blocks provider resource refresh in CFME.

Is there a way how to troubleshoot that? How can I identify a resource that causes this issue?


@blomquisg can you review this question from @Karel and forward to a SME if necessary.

@Karel, This is a known issue that was recently fixed upstream in

In short, one of the data disks attached to a VM does not have a size set for it. If you can find it in the new portal and set the size, the error will go away.

it fixed my issue as well.


Thanks @djberg96 for helping another community member. :smile: