Azure Provider Refresh Issues

I’ve just completed a fresh install ofeuwe-2.20170315005459_e286988.

I’ve added two Azure subscriptions that are both failing Provider Refresh. The errors are different for each subscription:

undefined method `offer’ for #<Azure::Armrest::VirtualMachineModel::Properties::


undefined method `vhd’ for > #<Azure::Armrest::VirtualMachineModel::

Any ideas on how to diagnose these issues would be appreciated

The first issue was addressed in, but hasn’t been backported yet. I have not addressed the second issue, however.

We were not expecting images or data/OS disks without these attributes. Can you tell us more about them? How were they created?

The VM concerned was provisioned from the Azure Console as a SQLserver host. The data disk was created automatically during the provisioning of the VM with SQLserver. Hope this helps!

@cloudnebula, Is there any chance you could post the json output of “azure vm show” for that vm? I’m darned curious how Azure configured it when you provisioned the VM. Or, if you could provide details on the exact command line cmd that you used.

Feel free to chop the xmlCfg stuff from the JSON output.

Disregard last, I see the problem. It seems that Azure is encouraging the switch from storage accounts with individual .vhd files on individual storage accounts to managed disks. There will be a short term and a long term solution. The short term solution is that the disk location info will simply not be available for VM’s with managed disks.

The long term solution will require an update to the azure-armrest gem, and then code to take advantage of those updates.

@djberg96 would there be any impact to our ability to do SmartState analysis when people use managed disks instead of storage accounts?

@geertj I’m not sure just yet, but will keep you posted.

@geertj, Following up, we won’t be able to do SSA on VM’s with managed disks at the moment. Azure provides a different approach to get at that information, but we don’t support it yet. Specifically, I’ll need to update the azure-armrest gem, and then the related SSA code will need to be updated.

@djberg96 too bad but thanks for the follow-up! Hope this can be added back in soon.