Baremetal Installation of servers and blades?

Can we do simple bare metal installation of any ISO (no virtualization) using Manage IQ ?

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This question interests me! How do you provision bare-metal servers into ManageIQ?

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ManageIQ supports Foreman for bare metal provisioning:

This is not much documented, but you can find some how to’s with your favorite search engine. I had no chance to try any method yet.

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Hello Xian,

Yes! I have seen the documentation and I’m currently testing this integration with Foreman. But one concern I have is regarding performance monitoring and capacity utilization. As far as I know, I’m not quite sure if Foreman can monitor Baremetal resources and how do I integrate an already fully installed and in-use server in Foreman/ManageIQ to do this monitoring.

Does anyone have come across such a challenge? Is there any recommendation on how to do this monitoring?

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