Basic ManageIQ Configuration and Setup Question

I’m new to manageiq and cloud management in general. Forgive me in advance if my terminology is incorrect. I have 3 vmware servers set up in our lab. Each has the esxi OS installed and each is managed by a separate vsphere gui. We do not have vcenter to manage all 3 servers together as one.

I would like to know if it is possible to download the vmware manageiq appliance ova and install and run it on each of the 3 vmware servers and then have a single manageiq management vm that would be installed and run on one of the vmware servers that would be able to manage all 3.

I can’t tell from what I’ve read on the manageiq site if this is possible or not. I can’t seem to find the manageiq management piece that would accomplish this. Thanks in advance for you reply.

@tjyang was experimenting with direct ESXi management in this topic, not sure how far he got.

Why don’t you install a vCenter appliance on one of the ESXi hosts instead?