Best Way to Open Up Cloudforms Catalogs/Automate

What is the best way to open up Cloudforms to other users/groups?

Currently we have one main automation team that all the work is funneled through. We would like to open up Cloudforms for other users in other IT groups (DBAs, Storage, Networking, etc) so they can manage their on Automate code, dialogs and catalog items.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Right now we see it as
-we give them equals rights as we have
-same rights but we make other domains in Automate to help separate out code (this could cause issues as ManageIQ will use the first method/instance/etc by that name if someone names something the same
-tenants? is this an option. it sounds like the best of all worlds if it acts the way i think it would.


I would suggest using git integration. One Git repo per team corresponding to one automate domain. Each team push code to his own repo, and you can do some CI, importing code into cloudforms. If you want to be sure to not have twice the same method in differents domain, use a naming convention, or specific path for each team.
Not sure if tenant can be used to separate automate code access.