Bookmarks bar (idea)

Hello team,

previously I used SCALR and there is a GUI feature I liked a lot, called Bookmarks Bar. Is is about pinning frequently used menu items (usually hidden deep in the menu structure) on top of your UI making it much quicker to access: SCALR Wiki

I have pinning in fine-4 GUI but I found Bookmarks Bar easier to use. Would be nice to see it implemented :wink:


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@sdoyle - your thoughts?

@ohadlevy, yes! This is something that we have been talking about on the UX side for a bit. I will create a story in the UX backlog for this. I’d assume this would be something we would also get supported by PatternFly.

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We do have a concept of Shortcuts in the Dashboard… which does pretty much the same thing.

(It is only visible on the dashboard, not on every page, but then again, there’s also the browser bookmarks bar :).)