Botvinnik RC3 is here

The next Botvinnik release candidate, RC3, is now ready for download. Either use the site's download workflow or pick what you want from the list of available images. Report issues in this thread and link to the GitHub issue URL.

If this one proves ready, we'll crank up the release machine for official GA.

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I deployed the rhev/ovirt image on my rhev 3.4.5 cluster and the root account is locked out or the default root password has changed. The Web UI/Appliance Console is still the same password (admin/smartvm). Is there an issue with the build for rhev/ovirt?

@joev_rh @jprause Can you comment here?

@akrzos - I may be fuzzy on this, but I seem to recall there being an issue. Can you try the “latest”? I’ll e-mail the link in an e-mail.