Breadcrumbs guidelines

I’m seeking guidelines regarding breadcrumbs.
In particular - in topology screen, and when navigating from topology
to other entity pages by clicking those entities in topology.

Please see attached for better clarification on the location of the questioned behavior.
(yes, it contains bugs , in order to fix
them I need to know the general approach)

The following are of a particular interest:

  1. should breadcrumbs be even displayed in a general screen like topology?
    if yes - what should be displayed there?

  2. when navigating from topology to a specific entity summary screen by double clicking
    it in topology (pod, service, node, etc) - should there be a breadcrumb in that entity’s screen?
    if yes, what should be displayed in the breadcrumb?


@martinpovolny @dclarizio @chessbyte @hkataria

@abonas What we normally would show on the Topology screen where you have the red line would be a title for the screen you are on, perhaps “Containers Topology”. When double clicking on an object and landing on the summary screen for that object, I would expect that link to be in the breadcrumbs, so the user could easily go back to the Topology screen that they came from. In addition, when returning to that screen, I would expect it to look the same (same layout) and have the same filters applied as when they left it. This way, they could easily explore different objects from the Topology screen.