Browse Button to upload temporary file in Service Dialogs to be used within Automate

  • Dynamic browse button to upload files, that we can then use as an object within automate to do other work.
    |- Requirements:
    • Be able to upload a temporary file into DB so that any worker can utilize the object during the time the instance/state machine is running
    • Have a decent amount of space to hold information

|- Use Cases:

  • Send Heat Template
  • Send ssh keys for AWS
  • Send Sysprep file for some bare-metal deployments
  • Anything else that could benefit form using a file upload mechanism in a tmp space
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In general, when building Service Dialogs there is a need to support other widgets such as multi-select list, push button (which could be used to implement the browse functionalist jsimonelli is looking for) and a Text Area box that can hold some > 256 characters (which is fixed in the newer versions). Our customer use case needs a Text Area box were a user can cut-n-paste a Sysprep script and also have a way to select a Sysprep answer file from their local directory. They would use only one or the other but not having a “Browse” button drove us to use a dynamic drop down list and getting the list of files from an NFS mount.