Build an Infrastructure with worker and UI separate

Hi everyone ! I already built an infra with two worker/ui and 1 database.
I wonder if i can separate worker and UI, i want an infra like the picture below

i saw in the documentation a similar infra here : ManageIQ

If somemone can provide me some info how to do this, Thanks a lot !!

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A “UI” appliance is just a worker appliance with the “User Interface” server role enabled. You might want to look at creating a UI-specific zone to put your UI appliances into, which will separate out some traffic, but UI nodes still need other roles like Automation Engine and Provider Operations for correct operation (at least one appliance in every zone needs Automation enabled to process zone-specific events).

It’s four years old and maybe behind the Red Hat paywall (not sure), but this reference architecture might still be a useful overview in laying out a large ManageIQ deployment: Deploying CloudForms at Scale Reference Architectures 2017 | Red Hat Customer Portal

Hope this helps,

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Hi, i deployed a ManageIQ Infrastructure with two appliances by zone in two different zones and one ManageIQ DB with a replication.

So now i wonder how dispatch servers roles, workers and how customized logs settings on my appliances (4 CPU & 12GB RAM) to balance memory usage on them.
So if someone can teach me goods practices, i’m grateful.