Button visibility when unassigned group

Hello all,

I have created some custom button and would like to show them based on role. So I use the Visibility option. I figure out that when a button is part of group, the visilibity by role is working as expected, but when the button is in ‘unassigned buttons’, the button is shown to all users.

Is there anything special to configure to have this working? Or is this a bug?


Hi @LorkScorguar after checking with a few SMEs,…it appears this is a bug. Can you open an issue here: https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq/issues

Thanks for your help in making ManageIQ better!


I have opened issue 11924. Thanks for your quick reply.
Any idea about when can I expect the patch for this?


@LorkScorguar thanks for opening the issue. It’s really hard to say, but once a developer has been assigned, you can ping them for an estimation, if possible.